What is a Product

A product is often a ‘physical item' which you wish to sell e.g. food or an item of clothing. Anything you can buy in a shop is likely to be a product. Products can also be non physical items e.g. 10 swimming lessons. See Services for more clarity on the difference between Products and Services and how to use the two.

With the Tudoo Business management software you are able to create products for your business to sell.

How to Create a Product


Product Additional Information

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Select Products from the Tudoo Business Menu or the Dashboard.

To Create a Product, Select ‘Add’

Set a Category if you have already created a category.

You can create a new category if one does not exist e.g. Food,

Name the Product e.g. Chips

Add a description if you require, all information will be displayed to the customer

Add a Price, this will determine the cost of the item for the customer.

Select ‘Create’ in the top right corner. The Product will now be created.

Products will not appear on the customer app until you Publish the Product. Select Publish if you wish to make the Product available to customers and Unpublish if you wish to remove it from the Customer App. The option to Publish will appear once the Product has been created.

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Created Products will be displayed on the Products main page. Here you will be able to return to any previously created products to edit them if needed.

Products are grouped into their Category to aid navigation. Products are then ordered alphabetically within their category.

If Products are currently unpublished they will be indicated by a small red 'unpublished' next to the Product name. It can be useful to build up a list of products your business uses and then simply publish and unpublish them when they are available.