APPS are where we obtain the information to create your own app. If you want your own app you will need to create aN APP

Apps provide a dual purpose, as well as being a way to create your own app, Apps are also virtual spaces where customers can find Profiles and businesses grouped under a theme.

You can opt to join an existing App or create your own. Creating your own App is free and gives you control over your branding, Products and Services which businesses can sell there.

You can choose the colour scheme, logo and Profiles


You have 2 options with Apps:

  • Join an App

  • Create an App

To join an App type in the name of the App you are wishing to join and ‘Request To Join’.

The App owner will then either approve or reject your request. If approved you will then appear on that App.

To create an App select; ‘Create’

Whether you join or create is down to your business and its needs.

If you wish for your Profile to be part of a collective of Profiles which already exist join an App

If you wish your business to have its own App create your own.


If you wish to have your own app, select; ‘Create Mobile App’ this will inform us that you wish to have your own app and we will be able to start working on it based on the information you provide us.

Input your ‘Name’, Customers will search for this to find yiur business.

Provide a ‘Description’ which will inform customers

Provide a Suqare and Rectagular Logo

To add a logo select the picture with a plus icon, this will open your pictures on your device.

Square Logos are displayed at 1024x1024 pixels, 1:1 ratio (square). Larger images will be compressed


Rectangular Logos are displayed at 512x256 pixels, 2:1 ratio (rectangle). Larger images will be compressed.

You can move, adjust the size and crop the images and logo once selected. Once the image has been selected and adjusted, touch the picture-tick icon to confirm your choice.

Theming is optional but if you wish for your own App or to have a custom colour scheme you will need to provide us with a primary and secondary colour scheme in Hex.

If you do not know the Hex code of your colour scheme use the following link to determine it;

Provide Contact Information if you wish for customers to be able to contact you about your App