How it works


Your Own App From just £50 a month!

We make your very own customised app, where your customers can buy your products and services.

Your app will be available to download on both iOS and Android app stores.

Your own app will include:

  • Your colour scheme and branding.

  • Allows you to exclusively sell your products and services

  • Real time sales order processing

  • Built in booking system

  • Multiple venues or profiles within the same app

  • Access to purchase statistics

  • Free for customers to download

TB Dashboard 1.png

Our Management SOftware

You will gain access to the Tudoo Business Management Software. Through this you will be able to control the content which appears on your own customised app, including;

  • See and process orders

  • Create products and services

  • Manage your profiles including pictures, description, open hours, external links, contact information etc

  • Manage bookings and appointments

  • View purchasing statistics

  • Manage Account settings

  • Works for web browsers, IOS and Android


Will Tudoo work for my Business?

We at Tudoo have aimed our app to work for SMALL businessES, here is a list of businesses we BELIEVE it can REALLY ADD VALUE TO:


Hair and Beauty: e.g. Salons and beauticians

small food based businesses: e.g. food trucks, street food, take aways and food delivery services

Food and Drink: Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants, Food Delivery Services, Food Vans

EducationChild Care, Tutors

Entertainment: Music VenueEvents, Musicians

Health and FItness: Gyms, Personal Trainers, Sports Clubs, Dental Practices

Night Life: Bars, Clubs

Retail: Shops

Professional Services: Accountant, Solicitors

OtherDog WalkersHome Craft Services, Festivals


Is an App right for me?


Since TRIALING your own Tudoo app is free there is little you need to worry about when getting started.

This could be a great opportunity to engage your customers!

Our apps are designed to be as user friendly as possible and ensure that both you and your customers are happy with the experience. There are multiple features enabled into the app to help you keep on top of using Tudoo which are covered in our Guide, examples of such features include;

  • Limiting the number of orders that can be made

  • Open hours, restricting when customers can make an order

  • Turn off accepting orders which happens in real time

  • The ability to reject orders

  • Email and push notifications for both customers and businesses

  • A dashboard to help monitor and manage your orders