How it works



We make your very own customised app. This app will be what a customer uses and sees and how they will make purchases from your business. This app will be available to download on the app and play store.

Your own app will include:

Your own colour scheme and branding.

  • Allows for e-commerce where you can sell your own products and services through the app

  • Orders and content are processed in real time

  • Built in booking system

  • Multiple venues or profiles within the same app

  • Access to purchase statistics

  • Free for customers to download

  • Works for IOS and Android

Food Trucks and Street Food

Whether you own a food truck or street food stand, Tudoo business will work perfectly for you. Here are some benefits of using Tudoo for your business:

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Manage Content:

  • Ordering via mobiles is now becoming standard for customers

  • Allow your customers an easy way to browse your menu, this encourages customers to spend more

  • Customers can order ahead of time, allowing you time to prepare your orders

  • Control the number of number of orders and frequency of orders you receive for effective time management and increase customer satisfaction

  • Save all your products and services and make them available to customers when they are available easing the management of your business



  • Update your app in real time allowing customers to instantly benefit from any changes

  • Works great for returning customers

  • New customers will be more likely to reorder from you again if they have an app

  • Don’t miss out on potential customers if you are busy or have a long queue as they will still be able to order

  • Customers tend to spend more when ordering via an app than in person

  • Integrated payment system will allow customers to pay even if they do not have any cash

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