Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my Products/Services not showing?

There could be several reasons why they are not showing. Please check all of the following:

  • Check ‘Accepting Orders’ is set to ‘On’ in the settings tab in the Orders section of the Tudoo Business Management Software Tool

  • Make sure the relevant Product/Service is set to ‘Publish’. If it is showing as unpublished, open the relevant Product/Service and select ‘Publish’ in the top right corner

  • Check your Business Open hours are correct. Products/Services will only appear if these are incorrect.

Will I be Charged for a Refund?

Customers are not charged for a refund. The business performing the refund will be charged according to the pricing charges set out on the pricing page. Click here to view

When will I be Paid?

You will be paid on the 7th of the month following the end of the previous calendar month. Where this is a weekend or bank holiday this will be the following working day.

What if I do not accept an Order?

  • You are under no obligation to accept an order from a customer and can reject the order if you are unable to accept it with no cost being incurred.

  • If you reject an order before accepting it, no cost will be incurred.

  • When rejecting an order a reason must be provided for the customer and they will be notified that the order has been rejected and informed of the reason.

  • If you leave the order and do not accept or reject the order within 24 hours the order will be auto rejected and there will be no cost incurred by either the customer or the business.

What if I have Forgotten my Password?

  • If you have forgotten your password this can be reset on the Login page.

  • Select ‘Forgot Password?’

  • This will prompt you to enter your email address.

  • On submitting your email address you will receive an email. This will have a link. Select the link and this will provide you with a code. Enter this code into the submit code section of the Tudoo Business Managament Software (which you will be taken to after originally submitting your email). Along with the code, enter in a new password and save the changes.

  • Login using the new password

  • Please be aware that the link provided will only work one time and for a short period after originally being requested. If you do not submit the code in this allocated timeframe you will need to start the process again.

Why do you need certain details?

  • All details we acquire are essential for us to process transactions through the app. Our payment transactions pass through Stripe. As a result we are governed by their authentication processes. Further information about Stripe can be found on their website:

How Do I cancel My membership?

  • If you wish to cancel or change your membership we will make these changes for you. Please email us at:

  • There are no refunds for cancellations

  • Changes in fees will start in the month following the change.

Will the app still be available to use once we cancel the membership?

  • You will be unable to use the app once you have cancelled your membership.

What can be customised in the app?

  • You are able to choose the colour scheme of the app; a primary colour and a secondary colour.

  • You can choose the logo which appears on the app and this will also be used to make your favicon for the app.

  • You choose the landing page of the app:

    • If you have a single business or a sole trader the app will open on your business.

    • If your business has multiple venues/sites/professionals you can have the landing page displaying a list of venues/sites/professionals.

  • All other customisable features are built into the app which you will be able to apply yourself.


To see how our payments are processed through Stripe click here